First income overview of FLP Benelux available

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September 22, 2017
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December 20, 2017


Forever Living Products gets more transparent in their communication to (future) distributors in the Benelux Countries. Criticized by Radar in March 2017 (see here), the company now provides its first income overview, see here.

What do we learn and what do we not learn (yet)? The income overview illustrates what happens in most MLM companies: a large share of distributors just consumes the products (43,99%) without earning an income; another large group sells on a low level basis (39,22%), while some generate a more stable side income (9,37%). Only a small share (7,42%) actually builds a business. Their average income is 1.680 Euro/month before taxes and expenses.

But how many distributors do actually earn a living from FLP? This is not told (yet). All those who hope to achieve this, are looking forward to this information. However, with its first income statement for the Benelux Countries, FLP is definitely providing more transparency for consumers, citizens, and regulators.

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