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Forthcoming 2018

The fair selling compass – your guide to the world of direct selling, multi-level marketing, and network marketing

Do you want to earn money by selling products and recruiting others? Do you want to join a direct selling, multi-level marketing or network-marketing company?

The fair selling compass provides an overview of what (future) distributors need to know. As the country overviews show, most companies are not very transparent. They do not tell the most important things: distributor income, turnover, and how many people are already trying to do the same job. The compass shows you when it is time to get active yourself, when you should start asking questions to your recruiter, upline, or company headquarters. Are you not getting the right answers? Then perhaps you should think twice about whether this company is a good business partner for you. Why? – Only a fair and transparent company is a good business partner.


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