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In spring 2019, the fairsellingcompass.com will be discontinued. Read about the research and find existing rankings and plenty of information on the MLM industry on www.fakten-direktvertrieb.de.

Earning money easily and fast, having a flexible job and plenty of family time. This is what direct selling, multi-level and network-marketing organizations promise.

However, how honest are such promises? How much do distributors actually earn? And, what should you know when becoming a distributor?

The Fair Selling Compass provides the following information:

  • Good to know”: read here what you should know when starting at a company
  • FORTHCOMING 2018: “Ranking Italy” : how transparent and fair are the organizations on their websites?

The mission of the Fair Selling Compass is “Creating knowledge for Society”  which is derived from the Institute for Management Research of the Radboud University (here).

The Fair Selling Compass aims to achieve the following three goals:

  1. Provide knowledge for future distributors;
  2. Compare organizations in order to stimulate them to honestly provide relevant information on their websites;
  3. Provide general information about this little transparent sector.

Would you like to know more? See our “About” page. See also here the recently published article in the Journal of Business Ethics on the problems and potential solutions for the direct selling, multi-level marketing, and network marketing industry.

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